Why Solar Why Now

The Solar panel installation market continues
to grow year over year

As more residencies and businesses move to save power and take advantage of limited time federal tax incentives. In fact the EIA (Energy Information Administration) expects solar power generation to more than double by 2045, making it, by far the fastest growing renewable energy production in the United States; and for good reason. While regulations are being considered for US shale and oil frackers, as well as rising costs of power delivery via utility companies and aging US power grid, solar is emerging as a logical champion for consumers in terms of reliable power generation, safety from blackouts, and of course rising future utility costs.

Make the investment in your family’s home

Being an adopter of Solar in 2023, will net the consumer a generous 30% federal tax credit and, in turn offset more than a quarter of the cost of the system and install. This of course translates to a quicker payback time as well as an investment which can pay itself off in record time, thus generating future savings which translate to real returns and an increase in the value of your home. There has never been a better time to make the investment in your family’s home, offset future utilities, and ensure you and your family’s peace of mind against blackouts and grid failures by switching to solar today with Icarus Solar.


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