Guarantee & Warranty

Utilizing the highest quality power optimizers

Utilizing the highest quality power optimizers, exclusively Risen panels, and our specialty inverters, we stand by our promise to only providing the best system possible at the greatest savings possible.

Industry Leading Equipment & Professionally Licensed Installation

Our Mono-crystalline tier 1 panels coupled with high quality power optimizers and proprietary system insure that when you purchase your system, you will be maximizing not only the absolute best efficiency possible, but the longest longevity available.

Icarus Solar stands by our installers and their work; guaranteeing you will be satisfied with the work and installation.
We also pride ourselves in all the parts, panels, and equipment used in the construction of your system; guaranteeing them for 15 years; regardless of replacement or repair needed. Most importantly, your roof and its water resistance from leaks as a result of the system’s installation are guaranteed by the company for the same 10 years. At Icarus Solar, we are dedicated to saving you money on your investment for the future, providing the highest quality system and installation; as well as standing by that commitment to quality and service throughout the future of your new system.


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