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Icarus Solar offers a wide array of choices

When it comes to designing and implementing your ideal system and meeting your family’s energy needs. Systems start at $2.3 a watt and everyone of our systems utilizes Tier 1, best in industry grade Mono-Crystalline Panels with Power Optimizers for each panel as well as hurricane strength rated racking systems and all energy production and savings can be viewed via your desktop, laptop, or mobile device via an app.
Regardless of our system sizes, we always use the highest quality parts sourced directly from distributors; we at Icarus Solar pass the saving on to you without ever having to sacrifice quality. Our skilled installers, electricians, our team of engineers as well as NABCEP certified PV professionals design and carry out the project from beginning to end; taking out the stress, guess work, and guaranteeing you as the system’s owner enjoy a carefree process through and through.

Because of our company’s home base in Houston

We are more than familiar with windstorm and elemental concerns; as such, we pride ourselves in using top quality aluminum racking systems up to the highest city code standards and our dedicated to protecting your roof where your system now sits. We also offer high quality backup power bank systems, at prices competitively lower than other major installers, as we seek to insure that during blackouts you and your family have your essential needs are met; offering a range of KWh options and system sizes.


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