How much does solar cost?

This question varies greatly on the KW system you choose, local zoning and permitting requirements; such as environmental, windstorm, and state/ local taxes; as well as if you as the customer chooses to include a power bank battery back up system and or car charging port in addition to the solar panel system installation. What we at Icarus Solar do insure is that you will receive an extremely competitive quote, far less than the major installers, using the same high quality if equipment that they use, if not better; with professional installation and unmatched customer service.

I would love to invest in solar, but I think my roof is too old. Am I out of luck?

No, actually now is the perfect time to replace that old roof and install a fresh set of energy saving solar panels as the roof’s installation cost will be
offset by the incredible 30% Federal Tax credit you receive for upgrading your roof to accommodate your new solar panel system.

My roof is flat, can still get solar?

Yes, unlike most of our competitors, we at Icarus Solar want you to to benefit from the savings the sun can provide, irregardless of you or space limitations. We can install on flat, pitched, and an assortment of roof material, as well as doing free standing ground installs and car ports.

What Happens to solar panels when it rains or is cloudy?

Solar panels access their power from Ultra-Violet rays, which means that when it is raining or cloudy/ overcast, the panels still perform, albeit at a lower performance than peak sunlight. Additionally, rain actually helps to maintain and clean those panels so that when the sun does come back up the panels are able to absorb more of the sun’s energy, thus saving you more on your electricity bill.

What Rebates are available for Solar Energy?

This year there is a 30% Federal Tax credit available to new adopters of solar energy, that number will continue to decline until 2032, so it has truly
never been a better time to invest in solar. Additionally, there are states and cities that provide tax rebates for new solar panel installations and
battery backup systems. A list of them can be found at https://www.energy.gov/savings/dsire-page.

Would it make sense to go solar if we use most of energy at night?

It certainly would if you chose to include a power-bank battery backup system with your solar panel installation. During the day the sun would power your panels feeding power to your home and filling your battery system, as a result, when night fall came, those charged batteries would begin to offset your nightly electric usage. Thus saving money for you and your home or business around the clock.