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Tired of high and exorbitant bids from other solar panel companies? We at Icarus Solar are dedicated to providing you with low cost, highly efficient solar panels and battery backup systems that insure you and your household save big on your energy bill and the system that provides those savings. Never pay high prices again and make an investment in you and your home’s future today by switching to solar with Icarus Solar.

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Icarus Solar provides industry leading equipment, the highest quality panels currently on the market, and professional installation from a team of engineers, master electrician & electrical engineers, and NABCEP certified professional photovoltaic installers.

Why Icarus Solar

We Provide the Future of Energy
Icarus Solar is based out of Houston, Texas and is rapidly emerging as a major competitor in the solar panel and battery backup installation market. The solar industry is fraught with installers and retailers seeking to gouge customers with hidden fees, questionable ethics, predatory lease/ power sell back schemes, and exorbitant installation costs.

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Where's Icarus Solar

Based out of Houston, Texas

Plans & Services

Offering a Wide Range of High to Low KiloWatt Systems For Home & Commercial properties

Battery Power Bank Backup and Car Charger Options

Battery banks from
2.5 Kwh to 40 Kwh

Solar Panels

Only Utilizing the Highest Quality
Tier 1 A Mono-crystalline LG Panels. High Grade Power Optimizers & Industry Leading Three Phase Inverters

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Industry Leading Installation Professionals

Our Technicians, Designers, and Installation Supervisors are Best in the Industry Holding NABCEP Professional Certifications as well as Unrivaled Experience and Dedication to Our Customers

Cost of Solar

Now has Never Been a Better Time to Go Solar with a 26% Federal Tax Credit Awarded to you the Proud New Owner of a Top of the Line Solar Panel and Battery Backup System Professionally Installed and at a Fraction of the Cost of Competitors


Save Big on Utilities by Making an Investment for the Future. Get a Free Consultation today and Find out Exactly How Much You & Your Family Could Save
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Systems Panel Plans & Storage

Icarus Solar offers a wide array of choices when it comes to designing and implementing your ideal system and meeting your family’s energy needs. Regardless of our system sizes, we always use the highest quality parts sourced directly from distributors; we at Icarus Solar pass the saving on to you without ever having to sacrifice quality.


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